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When I had my baby, I was clueless about how difficult breastfeeding can be, and how much I did not know how much milk was enough or if my newborn was getting adequate breast milk. So how much milk is the normal range for women, According to Ameda, on average a woman produces about 25-32 oz of milk in 24 hours.

17 supplements to increase milk supply fast.

Although I was able to produce up to 5-6 ounces in a pumping session which is “above average” I was struggling with making sure she was well fed. My baby always seems to want a little bit more and I just couldn’t produce.

I naively went into breastfeeding thinking that perhaps I would be one of those mamas who have a freezer stash (I still don’t have one, 2 months in). My pumping and feedings sessions became much easier once I started supplementing with these lactation cookies and lactation tea


What are signs of low milk supply?

Because my baby was born a few weeks early she needed to catch up in gaining weight and she would be exhausted when trying to suck during our feeding session. So it became important that I pumped to supplement, between getting used to the sensation of pumping as a new mom and needing to pump enough milk so that my husband can feed her while I get some rest, I was exhausted. So I started to do some research on the best supplements, teas, snacks, and tinctures to solve this problem.

Although I was “above average” in milk production by an ounce or two, it did not feel that way. I was constantly thinking about having enough milk for my baby and on some days when I haven’t gotten enough rest (new mom problems), I’m simply not able to make enough milk, and came to the realization that I may need to supplement with formula.

Supplementing with formula is definitely a viable option so do not let anyone shame you for your choices.

However, if you will like to give increasing your milk supply using supplements a chance then keep reading.

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Why does low milk supply happen?

Having a newborn is exhausting and can take a toll on the body and its ability to produce milk. There are many other different factors that include,

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Taking certain birth control pills or meds,
  • Hormonal imbalance,
  • Not feeding baby frequently enough or emptying the breast often
  • Not feeding or pumping at night or if the baby had to suck difficulties.

You should also note that frequent feeding or pumping sessions and making sure to nurse or pump during the night are great for keeping your supply up.

Note that before you consider these options, you should speak with your physician. The information provided is for educational purposes only.

Now, let’s jump into what you are here for.

The Best Products to overcome Low Milk Supply

There are foods and supplements that can be added to your diet to improve milk production, these herbs, foods, and supplements contain galactagogue.

What are Galactogogue? Galactagogue are “synthetic or plants molecules used to induce, maintain, and increase milk production”-PubMed. Including Galactagogues in your diet can increase milk production in 2-4 days. The products below will contain galactagogues to help boost milk supply.

Here are the Best Teas, Supplements, Snacks, and Tinctures to increase milk supply fast.

Best Supplements To increase Milk Supply (pills and shakes)

Pinkstork total lactation
Best Customer Support

Pink Stork Total Lactation Pill

Women report a quick boost to milk supply after using this supplement. It may take up to a week of use to see a significant change in milk volume. Because it contains Fenugreek you and your baby may experience smelling like maple syrup.

This product contains Fenugreek for milk production, Blessed thistle to support milk flow, and Alfalfa and Fennel for additional nutrition in the milk and added flavor. Contains no dyes, artificial flavors, and is non-GMO.

Watch for reactions to Fenugreek such as upset stomach for baby.

Pink stork total lactation fenugreek free
Best Customer Support

Pink Stork Total Lactation Pill- Fenugreek Free

A great option for those who may have sensitivity to Fenugreek. There are reports of less gassiness for mom and child. this product contains Blessed thistle for milk production, Moringa to increase flow, and alfalfa and fennel to add flavor and nutrition to milk

Pink stork over-delivers in its support after you make your purchase.

Wild Harvest Fenugreek Pills
Best Overall

Wild Harvest Fenugreek Pills

If you need to bring milk in fast, then this is the supplement for you. The fenugreek will cause a maple syrup smell. Women who are menstruating and noticed a dip in milk supply used this successfully to increase milk supply. Fenugreek has other health benefits including controlling blood sugar. If this is an area of concern for you, then consider the wild harvest fenugreek pills. some also experience an oversupply of milk, so adjust your dosage according to your needs

Mama's Select Blessed Thistle Pill
Best for New Moms Gut health

Mama’s Select Blessed Thistle Pill

Blessed Thistle promotes lactation, improves gut health, combats postpartum symptoms, and supports better letdown and flow. This formula stimulates mammary glands and hormones.

Blessed thistle helps support gut health for new mamas and this is passed through breastmilk to the baby as well.

Blessed thistle can also support post-delivery symptoms like depression, hypertension, and hormone imbalances

Great for those with PCOS

Mommy Knows Best: Goat’s Rue

Goat’s Rue is great for those who done like to take too many pills. Many mamas loved that the dosage is pretty low to get the results they need.

It takes a few days to the result.

Goat’s Rue is a great alternative to fenugreek and its wonderful for those who suffer from hormonal imbalances and PCOS due to containing “galegin”

Mommy Knows Best: Fenugreek Free
Great for sensitive tummy

Mommy Knows Best: Fenugreek Free

Contains powerful galactagogue without the Fenugreek. Its a combination of Blessed & Milk thistle, Goat’s Rue Herb, Marshmallow roots, and Shatavari roots

Great alternative for those who may have a sensitive tummy or a fussy gassy baby.

The Shatavari roots help with improving prolactin levels and the Marshmallow roots help improve the lactogenic effects of the other herbs.

Moringa for Milk
Best for Quick Resupply

Moringa for Milk

Many moms swear by Moringa’s ability to restart the milk supply after an extended decrease in milk production.

Moringa is also great for supplying the mom with ample calcium and iron to meet daily requirements. it is also great for fighting fatigue. It also helps reduce postpartum bleeding

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Best Snacks to Increase Milk Supply

Majka No bake Lactation Cookies Bites
Great for Curbing Sugar Craving & Vegan

Majka No Bake Lactation Cookies Bites

This is a no-bake alternative, designed to support and increase milk supply.

It contains oats, almonds, turmeric, caraway, sesame, and more.

The combination of ingredients are gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and artificial sweetener free using whole foods that also help new moms curb sugar cravings.

This is also a great vegan option.

Pink Stork Lactation Sweets
A Sweet Treat on the Go

Pink Stork Lactation Sweets

These are hard lozenges made from Fennel and Anise to support lactation. It is also able to help with breast inflammation and engorgement.

This treat contains fennel which improves milk taste and adds additional nutritional benefits to mom and baby.

The Anise a natural galactagogue supports the natural milk production

Boobie Baby Organic Superfood Lactation Bar
Great Dairy-Free & Vegan Option

Boobie Baby Organic Superfood Lactation Bar

If you are not a fan of pills and teas then these bars are right up your alley. They will serve as a nice filling snack and help boost milk supply.

This bar contains Oats, Turmeric, Shatavari, flaxseed, Cinnamon, and Moringa.

This bar is fenugreek free and dairy-free

Munchkin Milk Maker Cookie Bites
A Sweet treat: Fenugreek FreeT

These cookie bites were my first attempt at increasing my milk supply and I loved it. not only did it improve milk supply it is super tasty and perfect for my sweet tooth.

These cookies are made with brewer’s yeast and flaxseed.

They are available in several flavors

I love that I eat a pack a day and saw a big difference in how much milk I am able to product. These treats can be quiet addicting so keep that in mind so that you dont over indulge.

Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix
Great Gluten-Free Option

Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix

This is a Gluten-Free and Dairy-free option. It contains the perfect combination of Brewer’s Yeast, Flaxseed, Oats.

The nutrients are great for the newborn baby as well. This is a great choice that can be made into the perfect portions and frozen for future use.

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Best Teas to improve milk supply

Pink Stork Lactation Tea
Made by Female Herbalists

Pink Stork Lactation Tea

Contains Fennel, Anise, Marshmallow Root, fenugreek, and Milk Thistle. This tea is caffeine-free and great support for milk supply and flow.

The Sachets are biodegradable and the herbs are organic.

this is also an economical option because each sachet makes 2 cups of tea. There is a naturally sweeten and unsweetened version.

Traditional Medicines Mother's Milk Tea
Best for New Moms

Traditional Medicines Mother’s Milk Tea

One of my favorite tea for improving lactation. It helps support milk production and has a sweet licorice taste that makes it an enjoyable experience.

Contains Organic fennel, Organic anise fruit, Organic Coriander, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Blessed Thistle, Organic Spearmint, Organic West Indian Lemongrass, Organic lemon verbena, and Organic Marshmallow Root. Great for those who suffer from PCOS.

This tea is helpful for general fertility issues beyond milk production. So if you suffer from hormone imbalance and other reproductive issues.

Best for New Moms

Oat Mama Lactation Tea

There are many flavors available in the oat mama lactation tea, so even the pickiest of moms can find something they will enjoy. with consistent use, it provides it helps support milk production.

The tea is tasty without any sweeteners and can be cold brewed as well.

This tea falls on the more expensive side however it’s worth the shot if you want a delicious fenugreek free tea to boost your milk supply

Best for New Moms

Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Tea

This tea is loved by many breastfeeding moms. This tea can be consumed both hot and cold.

The teas are organic, naturally caffeine-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free. The ingredient includes Organic Fenugreek Seed, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Fennel, and Organic Rooibos. These herbs work together to support more milk production as well as nourish the baby.

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Best Tincture to Support Lactation and increase milk supply

Great alcohol-free Tincture

Benevolent Nourishment Lactation Support

This tincture contains certified organic herbs. The blend includes blessed thistle seed, Moringa, Fenugreek, Anise, and Goats Rue herb. This formal allows for fast absorption in the body when compared to capsules and tablets. There are no added alcohols or sugars and just a dropper full 2 times a day, its a simple to use the supplement.

Many moms who did not have much luck with other types of supplements expressed that this worked for them, perhaps because it is better absorbed than other forms of lactation supplements.

This does contain Fenugreek, so if you have a fussy baby who may be fenugreek sensitive then consider an alternative

Frequently Asked Questions about low milk supply

Supplements that include galactagogues are best for increasing breastmilk. These supplements include fenugreek (make sure you do not have a sensitivity), Blessed Thistle, Stinging Nettler, Goat’s Rue, etc. It’s important to research the side effects of these supplements before you use them.

You can increase your milk supply quickly by adding oatmeal to your diet, also supplementing with herbs that improve milk production like fenugreek, blessed thistle Alfalfa, and stinging nettle. My favorite way of increasing my milk supply quickly was through lactation cookies and Mother’s milk tea.

Pink stork Lactation Pills, Fenugreek Pills, Mommy Knows Best Fenugreek Free Pills, Mommy Knows Best Goat’s Rue Pills and Moringa Capsules are great supplements for increasing milk supply

The last thing you need to know about increasing milk supply

Do not be hard on yourself. Consider all your options including formula if it’s the best option for your lifestyle. You do not need to try everything on this list, think about what type of supplement you would prefer, whether it’s a snack, shake, tincture or tea. Pay attention to how you react to it and give it a go for a few days.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have tried any of the products I mentioned and your experience with them.

17 supplements to increase milk supply fast

17 supplements to increase lactation
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