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This Blog post is about realistic ways to reset your home

I feel like I’m constantly cleaning!!

This is not a unique thought or experience, I feel like I have heard this from every mom at some point – the reality of being a mom is like juggling a circus, and sometimes our homes resemble the aftermath of a tornado.

But, fear not! In this guide, we’re about to embark on a journey of 20 down-to-earth ways to reset your home, transforming it into a haven without unnecessary fluff.

1. Easy Wins to Start the Week: Kick off your week by conquering a small decluttering mission. Tackle that countertop or junk drawer—it’s the little victories that set the vibe for an organized home.

2. Power Hour for the Win: Once a week, claim an hour for a specific home task. Whether it’s sorting out clothes or getting the pantry in order, a focused power hour fits right into our crazy schedules.

3. Family Cleanup Crew: Turn the home reset into a family affair. Give each family member a job—because let’s be real, teamwork makes the dream work, and there’s no shame in delegating.

4. Tech Time, Mom’s Way: Schedule your digital life. Check emails and messages at specific times—less digital chaos, more time. Because, let’s face it, life’s too short for constant interruptions.

5. Stylish Sticky Note Magic: Get visual with your plans. Stick to a magnetic board or colorful sticky notes for to-dos. It’s like organizing your chaos in color, and who doesn’t love that?

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6. Apps for the On-the-Go Mom: Embrace the magic of apps. From shopping lists to cleaning schedules, let your phone be the sidekick that keeps your busy life in check.

7. Decor with a Purpose: Pick decor that’s not just pretty but also practical. Baskets and hooks that look good and save you from clutter? Now, that’s a win-win.

8. Weekly Routine Recharge: Designate a day each week for a “routine reset.” Tidy up, organize, and set yourself up for a smoother week ahead. Consistency turns chaos into order.

9. Snackable Decluttering: Break big tasks into bite-sized bits. Use the waiting time—like when dinner’s simmering—to tackle a small task. Because multitasking is the name of the mom game.

10. Family Fun with Decluttering: Make decluttering a family event. Turn it into a game for the kids. Who said cleaning can’t be fun? Plus, it’s a team effort.

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11. Mom’s Mobile Command Center: Create a central spot for family info. A bulletin board or digital organizer—whatever works for you. Because juggling schedules is an Olympic sport for moms.

12. Bedtime Luxury, You Deserve It: Upgrade your bedtime routine. Treat yourself to fresh sheets and fluffy pillows. Your bed should be your haven—it’s where the day ends and the mom magic happens.

13. Your Quiet Corner: Claim a corner just for you. A cozy nook to read, meditate, or just breathe. A space that screams “mom time” in the gentlest way.

14. Bathroom Bliss Upgrade: Make your bathroom a spa haven. Quality towels and a hot bath—because sometimes a mom needs a reset button, and it’s usually in the tub.

15. Essential Oils FTW (For The Win): Dive into the world of essential oils. Lavender for chill, citrus for a pick-me-up. Your home, your signature scent—no air freshener needed.

16. Charger Chaos, No More: Round up those chargers in one spot. A tech-free corner means less chaos and more calm. Let’s face it, we all need a gadget-free zone.

17. Seasonal Switch-Up: Freshen up your home with the seasons. It’s like changing your phone wallpaper but for your living room. Simple and refreshing. you can also do this by matching the candles or scents in your home with the seasons.

18. Furniture Fun and Fitness: Turn furniture rearranging into a mini workout. Move things around until they feel right—no need for perfection. It’s like a mom’s workout, minus the gym.

19. Storage Solutions, Mom Style: Baskets, shelves, and storage bins are your secret weapons. Make clutter vanish with these lifesavers—because every mom needs her own survival kit.

20. Cleaning: Mom Style: Keep it real with a doable cleaning routine. A clean home is your superpower, and you don’t need a cape. Regular cleaning, no fuss.

So, mama, as you embark on this home reset journey, remember – it’s not about perfection.

Which one of these tips will you be using to reset your home?

This Blog post is about realistic ways to reset your home

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