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The 7 Secrets to heal your PCOS naturally

And you can start TODAY!

You CAN Do This. And I’m Here to Help

When we Fail to Plan then we Plan to Fail

You have everything within you to build the habits and make the lifestyle choices that will help you heal your PCOS

Who Am I?

I’m Grace and I’m so glad you are here. Like you, I have dealt with the ups and downs of PCOS. I have learned a thing or two about healing that I’ll like to share with you. These same tips helped me conceive and have a healthy baby girl.

I hope that this blog and this information are encouraging to you. dedicate yourself to implementing these tips I will share below

How I got here

PCOS diagnosis can be difficult to hear because it is such a complex disease and the ups and downs of the journey can be discouraging.

I spent so much time reading articles and trying out random advice online and it felt like I had given up all control and left my fate in someone else’s hands. It was super hard to put things I was learning in a logical manner that allowed me to consistently implement and monitor my progress. This became the key to healing, taking the advice and recommendation of my naturopath, and actually understanding and implementing each step strategically.

Thank God because so much has changed, as I took more control over PCOS and simply dedicated myself to healing, things started to shift. I gave myself the grace to FAIL and start over. I formed new habits tracked them and documented my observations, I healed some old traumas, understood my hormone levels better, and made lifestyle adjustments that were practical and doable for me.

My goal is to show you how to do the same

My Best 7 Tips

“Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on
my OWN path to healing my PCOS naturally and conceiving.

Let’s start with #1

Secret #1: Track your habits

Beating PCOS takes more than just reading about it, it takes being an active participant in your healing, especially if you want to heal naturally.

Tracking your behavior, your healthy well-balanced meals, exercise regimen, supplements, Menstrual Cycle tracker, etc is super important.

Build up your habits slowly and focus on being consistent, you do not need to implement everything at once. Also, add some elements of fun and some enjoyable habits to your tracker. Your habits should be holistic, consider including Self-care practices like Epsom Salt soaks, Nutrition/ Supplements, Fitness, Meditation, Journaling, Dancing ETC

Check out the Digital PCOS Management Workbook for tracking everything related to your healing

Secret #2: Understand your blood work up

Actively monitor your blood work data. Take a comprehensive look at what each of your blood workups says. Look at the numbers and ranges to understand which of your numbers are off.

For example: When you get your Testosterone levels checked, are you within the normal range? if not you will be able to adapt to a new lifestyle choice that can help reduce it. Perhaps including Spearmint tea in your daily routine

I found huge success doing this. I felt more in control. I knew what numbers were off and what lifestyle changes I could implement for a period of time to get things back on track. Speak with your doctor or health coach in-depth so that you can have a full picture of your hormones.

Here are the 10 Hormones to monitor: Speak to your doctor to get these tested.

  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Testosterone (Free & Total) – usually during day 3 of cycle
  • Vitamin D
  • Ferritin
  • Prolactin
  • DHEA
  • Thyroid Panel with TSH- assess thyroid Function
  • Lipid Profile
  • Progesterone
  • Estradiol

Get a copy of your last blood work or invest in getting your blood tested yourself.

Secret #3: Use PCOS Friendly Hygenie Products

Here you want to talk about the what, why, and how for this secret. What is the secret?

Your feminine hygiene products can cause a huge disturbance to your menstrual cycle and fertility.

A small change like using toxin-free pads and tampons will make a huge difference in your healing. Do not take this step for granted.

Here are a few products to consider

L. Chlorine Free Ultra Thin Pads Regular Absorbency, Organic Cotton, Free from Chlorine Bleaching, Pesticides, Fragrances, or Dyes

Purchase Toxin Free and PCOS friendly Hygiene products

Secret #4: Use PCOS Friendly Ovulation and Fertility Tracker

Here you want to talk about the what, why, and how of this secret. What is the secret?

Why does it work / why is it important? and how do you do it properly?

Regular ovulation kits do not work for those who suffer from PCOS. This is because PCOS can cause an elevated level of LH hormones which is what is measured in most ovulation kits. Using a regular ovulation kit can cause false-positive results or may completely miss ovulation in those who have PCOS.

Here is a PCOS-friendly for Ovulation Kit. This helped me with pinpointing my ovulation and getting pregnant.


For Basal Temperature Measurement


Ovucore is designed for PCOS. This helps measure basal temperature vaginally to predict ovulation.

Femometer is a highly effective yet inexpensive option to predict ovulation

Secret #5: Try some Holistic practices: Yoni Steaming AKA Vagina Steaming & Seed Cycling

Vaginal Steam / Yoni Steam: Many women have sworn by the use of herbal steam to heal PCOS. Vaginal steam is recognized for healing menstrual symptoms, absent periods, cramps, heavy bleeding. It is also used to promote fertility.

Check out this video from Earthmama to learn more about this practice.

Want to give Yoni Steam a try?

Below are two choices.

Organic Herbal Yoni steam from MagicallyLiving a small Black-Owned Business

Female Rituals – Yoni Steam Seat Kit with Yoni Steam Herbs on Amazon

Secret #6: Try Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps with hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and infertility.

The misalignment of the spine can cause difficulty in proper hormone regulation. Gentle adjustments can encourage better communication from the brain about hormone release.

When the spine is misaligned, most often due to a vertebra that is out of place, the body may have difficulty with proper hormone regulation. Women with PCOS often have an increased level of androgens, also commonly known as male hormones. Gentle spinal adjustments can help realign the spine to encourage healthy communication from the brain regarding the proper release of hormones and to the reproductive system

Book a session with a chiropractor to see if it’s helpful to you.

Secret #7: Reduce Stress

Here you want to talk about the what, why, and the how for this secret. What is the secret?

Why does it work / why is it important? and how do you do it properly?

Reduce stress. Yes I know it’s easier said than done. Stress can cause a high level of cortisol in the body which adds to inflammation and continues to add to PCOS symptoms. Practice self-care, set aside time to journal or meditate. Create a routine to help you reduce stress.

Check out this self-care printable to track your new habits and reward yourself for a job well done

You Can Do This!

You simply need to commit to one step at a time. You got this. I have created the PCOS Habit Tracker and Workbook to help you accomplish your goal