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It’s that time of the year again, it’s time to get glammed up for that special occasion. I have collected 5 styles for you that are easy to do, yet will keep your hair safe and healthy. We will not be compromising health. I will even give you alternatives if you are in protective styling mode, especially in the winter months.

I will share the following with you

* Picture of the style

* Product recommendations

* Alternate Wig options (of course, where it makes sense.), I’m not trying to make you look crazy in these streets lol.

Style #1: The LOW BUN.

The low bun never goes out of style, it’s classy, easy to pull off, you get to tuck your ends and with a pop of red lipstick, you are good to go.This is by far one of my favorite looks.

Check out how I pulled this off for a Christmas party.

Here is what you will needs

  1. Your favorite hair gel, I use the GotsTobe Gel  for a strong hold , be sure to make sure your hair is very moisturized. If a lesser strong hold i like to use my favorite gel

2. Favorite oil to lock in moisture, I like to use Mielle Rosemary and Mint Oil

3. Snag Free Scrunchie

4. If you don’t have the length or want a bigger bun, you may use a pack of Marley hair to wrap your hair to create a bun

5. Gold Bobby pins Great for elevating the look

Check out this tutorial from Imani Shadee on on how to accomplish this look

Style # 2: A Short curly headband wig 

I like this style because of its simplicity. If you prefer to hide your hair completely then this is a good option for you. A headband wig is one of my favorite ways to protect my hair.

Check out this

Amazon Favorite: Headband wig

Youtube tutorial

Check out MsnaturallyMary – Using Glue for a longer-lasting install

Style 3: Kinky Curly Hair 

If you have the length to pull this off, then all you need are the right products to make it happen.

Don’t have the length, I have a few wig alternatives to consider

Amazon Favorite: Human hair wig

So which of these styles have you tried and enjoyed?

Let me know.

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