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This blog post is about Tiktok cleaning hacks for busy moms

Being a mom is a non-stop juggling act, and cleaning often takes a backseat.

I love TikTok because I can pretty much learn anything in a matter of minutes.

I have been on a mission to discover cleaning hacks that can make the management of my home and keeping it clean much easier. I share some of these in my daily reset routine videos on my YouTube channel.

During my search, I stumbled upon 15 TikTok cleaning hacks that are not only effective but can also be seamlessly incorporated into your busy routine.

Let’s dive into these game-changing tips and revolutionize your cleaning routine!

1. Shower Revival: Create a powerful shower-cleaning solution by combining equal parts of Dawn dish soap and vinegar in your dish wand. Say goodbye to soap scum and hello to a sparkling clean shower.

2. Kitchen Efficiency: Employ a scraper to effectively remove stubborn residue from your stove. Keep your kitchen shining with minimal effort.

3. Mirror Magic: Minimize mirror streaks by turning off the light while cleaning. Achieve a streak-free shine that reflects your clean and organized space. If your home is Powered by LED light then you may skip this tip.

4. Stove Grate Tackle: Tackle gas stove grates with a pumice stone or scorching stone for optimal results. Say farewell to grease and grime in no time.

5. Bathroom Brilliance: Enhance bathroom cleanliness by using a squeegee to eliminate liquid buildup. Keep your bathroom surfaces gleaming with minimal effort.

6. Color-Coded Cleanliness: Optimize your cleaning routine by assigning different colored microfiber cloths to specific areas of your house. Stay organized and efficient with this simple yet effective hack.

7. Showerhead Revitalization: Revitalize your showerhead by placing a Ziploc bag filled with vinegar over it for a thorough cleaning. Enjoy a refreshing and clean shower experience.

8. Strategic Supplies Placement: Streamline your cleaning process by strategically placing easily accessible cleaning supplies in various areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Efficiency at its finest.

9. Odor Combat: Combat unpleasant odors by placing a toilet gel deodorizer in your garbage. Ensure your home smells fresh and inviting.

10. Tarnish-Free Cutlery: Combat tarnish on cutlery by adding foil to your dishwasher. Keep your utensils gleaming without the elbow grease.

11. Power Scrubber Efficiency: Expedite shower cleaning with a power scrubber for efficient results. Save time and energy while achieving a spotless bathroom.

12. Lint-Free Toilet Base: Achieve a lint-free and pristine toilet base by applying Pine-Sol, wiping with a paper towel, and avoiding the use of microfiber, which can trap lint. Keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean.

13. Top-to-Bottom Cleaning: Dust and clean from top to bottom, including mirrors, for a comprehensive cleaning routine. Maximize your efforts for a consistently clean home.

14. Product Power: Improve the effectiveness of your cleaning products by allowing them to sit on surfaces before wiping them down. Let the products do the hard work for you

15. Mirror Mastery: Enhance mirror shine and prevent fogging by buffing shaving cream onto the glass surface. Enjoy crystal-clear mirrors with this unexpected but effective hack.

With these 15 TikTok cleaning hacks, you can transform your home into a haven of cleanliness without sacrificing your precious time.

Incorporate these genius tips into your routine and watch as cleaning becomes a breeze. Busy moms, rejoice – a spotless home is just a TikTok hack away!

This blog post is about Tiktok cleaning hacks for busy moms

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