I had this sheer panic that I felt when I thought I would not be able to breastfeed in the way that I wished.

It felt like so many things were going wrong, from struggling to latch baby girl, to feeling like I was not producing enough milk to sustain her growth. I tried so many things in those first few weeks to get an adequate milk supply, some I recommend in the 17 Supplements to Increase Milk Supply Fast article.

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit

I came across Boobie* superfoods and I was fascinated with the soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan products packed with superfoods that will be nutritious for me and help me with producing enough milk.

Truthfully it all sounded too good to be true, I was convinced that even if it worked, it would taste yucky and I was completely wrong! I loved these products and would 100% recommend them. Keep reading to find out why.

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Booble* Bundle – Welcome Kit At A Glance

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit Pros

  • You get to try out samples of the different products before committing
  • You get your money’s worth in products
  • Tastes really good even though it packed with herbs and superfoods
  • Works really well for lactating mamas, I experienced a boost in milk supply

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit Cons

  • If you do not like the texture of protein shakes, the Boobie body may not be for you

Key Takeaway

The Boobie* Bundle Welcome Kit is a HIT! It is a great way to test the products to see what you like

As you can see I didn’t have much to complain about. As I mentioned if you are not into protein shakes then the texture may not be for you, so I recommend adding it to your favorite smoothie or baked goods.

Now it’s time to start breaking down the product! But before we do, let’s build a bit of trust with the reader.

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Why should you listen to me?

I discovered Boobie* superfoods as I was looking for an alternative to the lactation cookies that I loved but I wanted something with more nutrients that can also serve as a meal replacement for those busy mornings.

I used the products over a period of months.

My favorites were the Boobie Bark and Boobie Bar, they were exactly what I needed. The Boobie Bark was a great snack for me while working. I had to stop myself from overindulging because they were delicious and yet delicious. The boobie was a great meal replacement for me in the morning when I’m busy with the baby and need to nourish myself.

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Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit

BOOBIE* Bundle- Welcome Kit

  • 6 BOOBIE* Bars (2 of each flavor) 
  • 4 BOOBIE* Body Single Serves
    • Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla Cookie, Coffee Caramel
  • 2 Hydromom Packets (Strawberry Kiwi, Green Apple)
  • 1 Full Bag BOOBIE* Bark
  • 1 BOOBIE* Body Shaker Bottle

Whats in the Bundle?


The Boobie Bars were one of my favorite products and see myself continuing to purchase even after breastfeeding, simply because I enjoy the taste, and it’s packed with superfoods that I enjoy.

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
  • Great lactation Bar
  • Contains 6 organic superfoods, Moringa, Cinnamon , Shatavari, Turmeris, flaxseed and Who grain oats.
  • This is a fenugreek free product thats great for those with fenugreek senstivitity
  • 1 bar a day will replace
  • Available in 3 flavors, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Blueberry Muffin


Although I’m not a huge fan of protein shakes in general, I enjoyed the taste of the Boobie Body Vanilla Chai flavor the most.

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
  • Available in 4 flavors ( Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Cookie, Vanilla Chai and Coffee Caramel)
  • The Boobie Body contains 9 organic superfoods
  • it is a complete meal replacement with 19g of plant based protein to keep you full longer
  • Can be used as a preganacy protein shake and for boosting milk production in lactating women
  • Contains 0 sugar, 1000IUs of vitamin D and Probiotics

Hydromom Packets

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
  • Superfood electrolyre drink for hydrating during pregancy or white breastfeeding
  • Contains electrolytes, sodium and glucose for better hydration
  • Can help with morning sickness rehydration, lactation rehydratuon for repleshnishment after working out
  • Hydromom is Organic, Vegan and Caffeine frree


These Boobie Bark were the perfect snacks for those long days while working. I can pop these in the mouth while breastfeeding, to keep the hunger at bay.

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
  • You get a FULL bag, of the Boobie Bark which i love. You will not be disappointed.
  • Contains 20% less sugar than most lactation cookie in the market, Its a much healthier alternative to lactation cookies
  • Its a great snack for a busy mom, i love these while working at my desk
  • its plant based and keeps me fill
  • Contains 5 superfoods, Oats, flaxseeds, Moringa, Cinnamon and Turmeric


The shaker bottle was so cute and I loved it large enough but not obnoxious.

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
  • It has a removeable based that is great shor storing your protein powder and other mix ins
  • Dishwasher safe, although they recommend washing by hand
  • Holds up to 20 ounces of fluid
  • Its BPA free and non toxic

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Who is BOOBIE* products right for?

  • Boobie products are great for pregnant women, lactating moms and those who are looking for an healthier alternative to sweeter lactation cookies. If you are interested in a more nutrient dense option then these products are for you.
  • Boobie* is also right for you if you would rather not have to swallow pills or makes teas.

Who should avoid BOOBIE* Products?

  • If you are looking for super sweet products then this is not for you. If you do not like an organic and natural tasting snacks then you may not like some of the products.
  • If you would prefer a pill then these are not for you.


The BOOBIE* Bundle – Welcome Kit is a great way for you to try the product line. Each product is nutritious and delicious. I love this as a great alternative to the sweeter lactation cookies that I was consuming.

You will feel great knowing that you are eating something nutritious for your body and for your baby whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. check out the unboxing video

If you will like to give it a try, check out the BOOBIE* Bundle welcome Kit and get $10 off your order.

Have you tried the products before? if not would you try them? Comment below

Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
Boobie Bundle Welcome Kit
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