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Hormone disruptors are present in many of the everyday products we use from feminine hygiene products to kitchenware. These simple swaps helped me get my period back and ultimately helped reduce my toxin load, heal my PCOS symptoms and get pregnant after 30, as well as tracking all the important aspects of getting pregnant with PCOS

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links.

I know how overwhelming it can be to adopt a whole new lifestyle, I have felt that way too, however, it takes making one change at a time. I will show you 5 items you can swap today to start seeing a benefit.

1. Swap out your regular tampons and pad for cleaner less toxic options

This was the number one way that I saw the quickest relief of debilitating menstrual pain. I was simply shocked by the level of relief I felt that I thought it was a fluke but it was not.

Regular pads like Always has Styrene and Chloroethane, Chlorofoams which are a form of carcinogen as well as chloromethane which can be toxic to the reproductive system according to

My recommendation is to swap those toxic pads and tampons for L. Pads and Tampons

2. Swap your regular sunscreen for a cleaner product

Many of the popular sunscreens out there contain very harsh chemicals that can disrupt hormones. It’s important to remember that the skin is the largest organ and is able to absorb these products into the bloodstream and disrupt the endocrine system which is responsible for hormone production.

Swap your regular store-bought sunscreen for a clean product like Super goop

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3. Use a cleaner and natural deodorant

Finding a deodorant I love after making the switch more cleaner products was super hard. Some that I tried simply did not do anything to prevent sweating or odor but this is my absolute favorite

Traditional Deodorants contain paraben, triclosan, phthalates, Fragrance, and aluminum Chlorohydrate that may contribute to hormone imbalance and increased risk of cancer

I recommend swapping your deodorant for Native Deodorant

4. Stop using plastic and go for stainless or glass

Whether you need storage containers, cups, plates, or other cutlery, swap for stainless and glass whenever possible switch for stainless steel or glass. Plastic is known to contain chemicals that can disrupt hormone levels. One such popular one is BPA which is known to increase the risk for breast cancer. Plastics can also leach chemicals when exposed to heat. Additionally, you can positively contribute to the environment by opting for stainless steel or glass.

Check out my favorite Glass storage containers, Silicon Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag, and BPA Free Glass water bottles.

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5. Replace soaps and skincare products with cleaner products

There are so many harsh chemicals that can be found in your soaps, shampoos, and skincare products. It is important to make better choices so as not to further disrupt your hormones.

Opt for products from brands like Dr. Bronner, Earth mama, and Better life.

Conclusion about non toxic swap to balance hormone

I hope that these simple swaps give you the confidence to know that you can make better choices that will help you balance your hormones. Hormone imbalance can be made worse by the things we introduce to our bodies without knowing. Start by making your choices slowly. Do not overwhelm yourself.

Have you tried any of these brands? do you have your own suggestions on how you balanced your hormones, feel free to comment below.

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