DIY Gift Basket for PCOS women under $100


Thoughtful PCOS friendly Holiday Gift Basket

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DIY Gift Basket Ideas for PCOS girl under $100


At the time this article was written the total spent is Total: $108.

What you need to build a beautiful gift basket

  1. You need a beautiful basket that fits your style or that of the recipient. Pick one that speaks to you 🙂

Style #1

This is aChicvita Jute Rope Woven Basket. You can find it on Amazon. It’s available in 6 different colors and What I also like is that it can be reused in the house for other purposes

Style #2

This is a Hoffmaster Seagrass basket. This is another great option when you want the gift to top. it can also be reused for holding towels and other functions in the home

Style #3

The Cornucopia Wicker Basket is another great option. I love the fabric inline as well and the picnic basket handles.

2. Decorate the basket if you choose. One great option is wrapping a ribbon around the basket. You can choose a Holiday/ Christmas Color, aTeal Ribbon for PCOS Awareness, or if it’s for another occasion pick the recipients Favorite color ribbon to personalize it

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What Can you use to fill in the gift basket to make it look better

3. Fill the bottom of your basket with Wrapping Tissue paper and wrap it with a Clear Basket bag to give it a touch of elegance. Check out this tutorial on How to use Gift basket Fillers

  • Want to make a larger basket, check out some more ideas from the 17 wellness gift ideas article and 25 plus toxin-free products to eliminate PCOS

How to make a gift basket

Now that you have all the gifts, Gift basket, and decor, here are some instructions for making a gift basket and how to arrange a DIY gift basket below

Happy Shopping! I hope the guide above helps!

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Now you have created a thoughtful PCOS Friendly DIY GIFT basket for the holidays and other occasions

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